Repair_Icon1Computer Repair

 We do our best to bring every device we service back to you running faster and more secure then ever before!

  • Virus Removal
    $55 Flat Fee
  • Operating System Installation
    $75 Flat Fee
  • Other Errors, Data Services
    $55 Flat Fee
  • Hardware Installation/Troubleshooting
    $55 Flat Fee plus parts
  • Plus much more!

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Desktop_Icon1Custom Computers

Don't settle for the cheap, name brand desktops with no power or speed. We will build you a powerful, reliable machine that will stay fast and handle every task with ease. You have the option of Windows 8.1 or 10 at no additional cost.

We have spent years perfecting our builds and identifying the top quality parts that make all the difference when it comes to actually sitting down to use your desktop. For us, it's not about our bottom line, it's about our customer's satisfaction.

On-Site Service

We provide On-Site Service to your home or business at a flat fee of $55 to $75. From your home office needs like printer/fax setup, wireless troubleshooting or home network setup to any business equipment or networking needs. We'll be there to provide a hassle free, hands on service that will not only fix any issue you're having but provide you with the knowledge and tools to avoid similar issues in the future.

We pride ourselves in providing a friendly, comfortable and helpful atmosphere for our customers.

Computer Cleaning

One of the most important things to your desktop or laptop computer is airflow. Over time, dust and other objects from the air builds up and sticks to the components inside your computer thanks to static and just simply the nature of dust. 

There is no way to stop this from happening but we are here to help. Every desktop or laptop that we clean gets the complete ritual from top to bottom. Inside and out. We provide a professional cleaning service that WILL extend the life span of your device.

Desktop - $30

Laptop - $55