Computer Repair

Repair_Icon2Expert PC Repair in York PA!

When it comes to computer repair, we always go the extra mile. Our goal goes beyond customer satisfaction, our aim is set on improving your overall knowledge and experience with your computer. With a hands on, in-home experience like we provide we are right there with you to make sure everything is back up and running as expected. No hassle, no confusing computer jargon, just straightforward service and precise answers to any questions you may have.

Flat Fees!

We base all of our pricing on sticking to our flat fees as closely as possible. This way you know what to expect and there are no surprises.

Most repairs like Virus Removal, Error Correction, Software Installs/Troubleshooting, etc. fall under our flat rate of $55.

Some services, like Re-Installing Windows for example, take much more time and fall under our flat rate of $75.

Free Pickup and Delivery!

We come out for your device to provide our no hassle, no nonsense service at no charge for the trip. Once we have your desktop or laptop all fixed up, we bring it back as quick as we can. Often next day or 2 day service!

Home Network!

We are experts when it comes to Home Networking and Internet. Setting up your Home Network doesn't have to be complicated. We can help you get all your devices in your home talking to each other and working together to provide the best streaming video or printing experience possible. We also can help you with any router or modem issues you are experiencing with a wireless signal or wired connection.

Wireless Internet!

Do you have an outbuilding or shop that you wish you could get a wireless signal? We can help with that! Recently a lot of improvements have been made to Wireless Technologies. We have the know how and can get our hands on Commercial Grade Wireless Equipment that can broadcast a Wireless Signal to anywhere on your property. Even if you just need to extend your wireless coverage to a specific room in your house, we can get you what you need.


There are several other services we provide for things like backups, data recovery, data migration, hardware installation etc etc. Bottom line, if you have a tech issue, we can solve it for you and it won't hurt your wallet or leave you in the dark destined to have the same issue again. 

Give us a call at: 717-614-0603 or send us a message.